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GLAAM MEDIA INVEST consults film producers/directors on financial and legal solutions available on the international market with the aim to complete the financing of their films.

At the same time, GLAAM MEDIA INVEST assists also investors in the selection process of international film projects with high market potential. The company is represented in all major film festivals of the film industry and has developed a strong network all over the world.

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Angelika Schouler began her career with a Paris based Film/TV production company Atlantique Productions as business affairs and legal counsel for international co-productions. Her next job was with SACEM, the French authors’ rights collection society, where she held various top management positions and ran the Franco-American Cultural Film Fund, a joint venture created by SACEM and its American partners, the Directors Guild of American, Writers Guild of America and the Motion Picture Association of America.  She played a central role in launching the Fund’s highly successful “City of Lights-City of Angels Film Festival” in Los Angeles.  In 2007, Ms. Schouler left SACEM to start her consulting company, GLAAM MEDIA INVEST





By Marie de Poncheville

French-German-Khirgiz co-production, L Films (F), Arte Cinéma (F), Ciné Dok (D), Asiakaravan (Khir)

Selected in the international film festivals of Munich and Montreal, Kazakhstan, Los Angeles – Women in Film 2008 (www.tengri-film.com)

Sarah's Key AFFICHE

Sarah´s Key 

By Gilles Pacquet-Brenner

Produced and distributed by:Hugo Films (F), France 2 (F), Studio 37 (F), Kinology (F)

Starring Kristin Scott Thomas


Hear my Voice

By Thorsten Schmid

Produced by Lailaps Pictures (D), Majdal Productions (Israel)

A modern fairy-tale about a brave young girl who overcomes political and cultural borders in order to live her dream. Inspired by the true story of a young Arab Israeli woman who took part in the Israeli version of “The Voice”, Lina Makhoul convinced the public with her unique voice and talent, overcoming prejudice and cultural boundaries.

Miserere AFFICHE

Misere La Marque des Anges

By Sylvain White

Produced by Liaisons Films (F), Pathé (F), Senator Film (Germany), Canal Plus (F)

With Gerard Depardieu and Joey Starr


The Flight of the Storks

By Jan Kounen

Produced by Europacorp TV, Moonlighting (South Africa), H&V Entertainment (D)

Jonathan, a young English academic, and Max, an amateur ornithologist, team up to follow storks on their migration from Switzerland to Africa. Max is found dead in mysterious circumstances, Jonathan decides continues the trip alone, finding himself caught up in an international web of intrigue. Travelling through Bulgaria, Turkey, Middle East and Congo along the pathway of the migrating storks, he uncovers a trail of grisly murders.


Caïman d’Or 

by Alain Maline 

Produced by Taïnos Production (France), 1500 Brésil (Brazil), Cinézebra (Germany), Glaam Media Invest

In the middle of the Amazonas, we will follow the destiny of three exceptional women who will first hate each other but then fight together against a common enemy in order to reestablish justice and help the local population in their struggle of survival in a wildness where Gold has the color of blood.

Leaving sarajevo 2

Leaving Sarajevo

by Claudio Faeh

C-Films AG (Switzerland), Luckybird Pictures (Germany), Deblokada Film (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Glaam Media Invest

Based on a true story of Admira Ismic and Bosko Brkic, a young couple who tragically died in the Balkan war in 1993. She was a Bosnian Muslim. He was a Serb. We meet Admira and Bosko when they fall in love in a city that once was a beacon of multiethnic tolerance. When war breaks out and Sarajevo falls under siege, their love gets tested to the utmost. After great hardship and a fierce daily struggle to survive, they
finally are forced to take on the ultimate risk and try to escape the besieged city. Crossing a bridge that would lead to freedom, they are shot down by snipers and die in each other’s arms in the middle of no man`s land.


Rose Bertin

by Rolf Kasteleiner

Produced by Glaam Media Invest

It is the story of an extraordinary destiny of a young French woman before and under the French Revolution at the end of the 18th century. A character of an incredible modernity, Rose Bertin, member of the so-called “weak” sex, is celebrated as the queen of the « Parisian Chic », one of the first creators of the « Haute Couture » who will be well before other famous couturiers the French ambassador of fashion (and secret missions) all over Europe having as mentor nobody less than Marie-Antoinette and will dress the European Gotha, even members of the Russian imperial family.

Lilli the witch

Lilly the witch, Christmas in a sack/Animation TV film

Produced by Be Films (Belgium), Blue Eyes (Germany), Trixter (Germany), Dor Film (Austria), BLS (Italy), Glaam Media Invest

Lilly is an ordinary 9 years old girl – or so she thinks until the day that she stumbles upon a magic book which turns her into a witch. From then on she experiences many funny and wild adventures that take her all over the world, with her friend, a small and clumsy dragon named Hector: together they must rescue the book of witchcraft from the hands of the evil wizard Hieronymus, who wants to use the book to rule the human world.


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